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Province Passes New Legislation

A new bill in Ontario has passed that may effect your organization's policies, orientation and health and safety education. Bill 18, the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, 2014, passed November 6th, 2014. The bill is designed to protect vulnerable workers, such as interns and unpaid learners. To read more about this new legislation; visit: Ontario Newsroom.

Volunteer Audit Summary

As a Professional Association seeking to constantly improve and raise the bar of our profession, we took it upon ourselves to undergo a Volunteer Audit Summary for our own organization. To see the PAVRO Volunteer Audit Summary, you can view the document here: Volunteer Audit Summary

Police Record Checks

The Government of Ontario has committed to legislation that will standardize the release of information from police record checks. The legislation is expected to be tabled in spring 2015, as confirmed by Minister Nasir Naqvi, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, at a meeting of civil society, business and police organizations.

There’s been a lack of clarity across the public, private and nonprofit sectors about when police record checks should be done, what the checks should entail, and how to use this information objectively- and protect it. This issue has had widespread impact on potential employees, volunteers and students who have been excluded from opportunities due to “non-conviction records”.

For the nonprofit sector, the lack of clarity has meant inconsistent procedures, costs and protocols.

The news is featured in a front page article of today’s Toronto Star - with a quote from ONN!

We’re very pleased with this development and congratulate our colleagues from across sectors creating solutions for issues that impact all Ontarians! ONN has been working with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, John Howard Society of Ontario, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Association of Police Chiefs. The group had sent a letter to Premier Wynne asking for legislative action. Read it here.  

The collaborative have also been advocating for a centralized agency to standardize vulnerable sector screening, which was discussed at the meeting.

ONN has been working to improve police record checks for the sector through the Open for Business process. 

We’ll continue to ensure the nonprofit perspective is considered during the legislative process and keep the network updated on progress.

We know this issue has been on the minds of many in the sector, so help us share this good news and let us know how it will impact you!



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