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  • Partnership Award

    The Partnership Award recognizes the outstanding support or contribution to the success of our professional association by a corporation, agency or association. It can be based on the support of PAVRO activities or sponsorship towards PAVRO’s financial well-being. Congratulations to Hamilton Health Sciences

  • Young Leader Award 2015

    The PAVRO Young Leader Award is a newly created award to recognize and encourage excellence in the up and coming generation of leaders within the Volunteer Engagement profession. Bursary award winners Tessa Murray (Left) and Veronica Torres – Deally (Right)

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  • PAVRO Certification

    Certified members join a select group of professionals who are recognized for their experience, commitment to ongoing development required to be successful as Volunteer Engagement professionals.

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  • Linda Buchanan Award

    The Linda Buchanan Award is given to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of volunteer administration. Congratulations Loretta Turpin!

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