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Fun at Conference


LiVE 2018 Presents

Thursday, May 3rd 4:30 pm — 6:30 pm

Tickets only $35!
Please contact Judy at pavro@pavro.on.ca or call 705-654-3261 to get yours today. 


Why leave during rush hour traffic? Stay, chat and enjoy delicious appetizers, a complimentary glass of wine and GREAT activities planned just for YOU!

LiVE 2018 VIP LINEUP! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to mingle with almost a dozen Past Presidents and members of the transition team who created PAVRO 20 years ago. These Very Important People have all played a vital role in our history.  Here is your chance to ask about their challenges/successes and THANK them for all the hard work they have done for our organization and the Volunteer Engagement sector. 

20th ANNIVERSARY OPPORTUNITY DRAW - 20 chances for $20!  Here is your chance to win a gorgeous prize! Put all 20 tickets on that one special item or spread them out over a few of your faves!

**We will be selling tickets all day so be sure you bring some $$

CAPTURE THE MOMENT! Grab some new friends and head into our photobooth, where you can have some fun with costumes and props and get a memento to boot!

FEELING A BIT TENSE? Sitting all day isn't easy! Enjoy a massage from one of the on-site Registered Massage Therapists and loosen up your neck, shoulders and back!

NEED A ONE-OF-A-KIND GIFT? Pamper yourself after a long day of workshops and learning! Spend a little time shopping with our many vendors who will be showcasing jewelry, makeup, skin care and lots of other really great self-care items. 

ADD SOME COLOUR TO YOUR LIFE! Join in our adult colouring activities solo or with friends and you could win your own adult colouring book and supplies!

**REMINDER: Cash bar, there is no ATM on grounds.