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Posted November 6, 2017

RAVA Niagara

Every year, volunteers give thousands of hours and immeasurable energy to Niagara's non-profit and charitable organizations.

As Niagara's Regional Association of Volunteer Administrators, our mission is to ensure that our volunteers' valuable efforts are organized for maximum benefit, inspired to produce positive experiences, and recognized as beautiful gifts to our community.

RAVA is the Regional Association of Volunteer Administrators for the Niagara Region. Established in 1991, RAVA offers local volunteer management professionals access to industry resources and news, affordable professional development, and regular opportunities to network, troubleshoot, and collaborate with partners from over 40 social profit organizations throughout the region. 

Our representatives implement best practice strategies in all areas of volunteer program management including recruitment, screening, training, placement, supervision, recognition and evaluation.

Our Objectives:

  • ·         Promote the profession of volunteer management
  • ·         Support proper involvement of volunteers in social profit operations
  • ·         Share industry knowledge and contacts
  • ·         Facilitate peer exchange of information and experience

Website:  www.ravaniagara.com

Contact ravaniagara@gmail.com would like any further information.