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Question: Can I post a career ad without being a member?
Answer: Yes, we will email this to our members and it will remain on our site for 2-4 weeks. For more details send an email to pavro@pavro.on.ca entering 'Submitting A Career Ad' in the subject.

Question: When is the Linda Buchanan award presented?
Answer: Typically, each year at Conference.

Question: How can I volunteer with PAVRO?
Answer: Check out our Volunteer With Us page and complete an application form. Volunteering with PAVRO is a great way to develop or share your skills, expand your network and get credit towards certification!


Question: When is the PAVRO Membership year?
Answer: January 1st to December 31st.

Question: Can my membership be transferred to another person if I leave my organization?
Answer: Yes, if it was paid by the organization.

Question: Do members receive a discount with Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada(VMPC)?
Answer: Yes, members only pay $35 CAD because of PAVRO's agreement with VMPC.

Question: How does my Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada membership(VMPC) get activated?
Answer: Your invoice is forwarded to VMPC for activation.

Question: Does PAVRO offer credit cards as a payment option?
Answer: Yes, online credit card payment is now available.

Question: Does PAVRO refund membership fees?
Answer: Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.


Question: Does PAVRO offer online training and presentations?
Answer: Yes, PAVRO holds Webinar's every 3 months.

Question: How much does it cost to attend a Webinar?
Answer: Webinar's are free to members. Webinar's that are available to non-members will state the price in the Webinar's details.

Question: When is the conference held?
Answer: The conference is held every May, along with our Annual General Meeting.

Question: Does PAVRO offer Conference bursaries for members who cannot afford the conference fee?
Answer: Yes, several professional bursaries are awarded every year.


Standardized Volunteer Opinion Survey

Question: Why should I participate in the survey?
Answer: When you participate in this survey, you will:
  • receive an evaluation of your volunteer program and organization from the point of view of volunteers
  • relatively quickly discover problem areas within your program resulting in improvement initiatives
  • improve the service your department provides to volunteers, your clients, your organization
  • identify strengths to champion within your their program
  • respond more quickly to changing volunteer interests and needs in the key areas known to be important to volunteers
  • increase your professional image within your organization
  • compare your results to that of other hospital facilities in Ontario through comparisons to the average of all participating hospitals and the high performing organization for each item measured
  • increase the "professionalism" of the profession
Question: If I am not a member of PAVRO, can my organization still participate in the survey?
Answer: Yes, there is an additional fee however for non-members. Alternately organizations can choose to join PAVRO. Please contact PAVRO for further information.

Question: Is this survey only for hospital-based volunteer programs?
Answer: Yes, The survey is tailored to the "on site" volunteer in a health care setting (e.g. acute care hospitals, complex care, mental health and rehabilitation). Community based health care volunteers would not be a suitable group for the survey. The original survey group in partnership with PAVRO is looking at developing a community based survey with similar goals to the hospital volunteer survey.

Question: How frequently is the survey be conducted?
Answer: The survey is offered every 2 years; however we require a minimum number of participating hospitals in order to conduct the survey.

Question: What is the minimum number of hospitals required in order for this year's Survey to be "a go"?
Answer: We require a minimum of 10 hospitals for the survey to proceed.

Question: Is there a maximum number of hospitals?
Answer: At this point we have not set a maximum number of hospitals.

Question: How long will the survey run?
Answer: The survey will run for a period of approximately 3-4 weeks depending on our response rates (i.e. we may extend it for a longer period of time if we do not receive enough surveys from our volunteers for the data to be valid).

Question: When will data be available to participating hospitals?
Answer: The target report delivery date is approximately three months after the survey has closed. The number of participants and time required by the consultant for analysis and report writing will have an impact the exact timelines.

Question: Who is the data shared with?
Answer: Individual hospital results and the final report are shared with participating hospitals only. Guidelines ask organizations not to share results "publicly." Group average results may be reported more widely. Participating organizations are required to sign and abide by the survey confidentiality guidelines.

Question: What does the final report look like?
Answer: The final report encompasses an introduction to the survey, overall summary with key highlights from the survey along with tables, bar graphs and text to summarize the results of each question and survey topic / dimension (e.g. communication). Individual hospital results as well as group averages are presented. High performers are identified for each topic / dimension. Each organization will receive a copy of the main report and presentation report as well as a copy of their organizations raw data in an excel document. A comparison template chart is provided which can be used by organizations to refine their data and for presentations within their organizations.

Question: What if our hospital has multiple sites?
Answer: For hospitals with multiple sites, an additional multi-site report is provided. Preparation of a multi-site report is determined based on the information (number of sites, size of institution, number of volunteers) provided by each organization at the time of registration.

Question: What if I want more detail than the report provides?
Answer: You will receive an Excel document which will capture all of your hospital's raw data including verbatim comments from your volunteers.

Question: What are my expenses, outside of the minimum $275 CAD / maximum 1,500 CAD fee (+HST)?
Answer: The following will incur additional expenses:
  • printing / photocopying the hard-copy surveys for distribution to your volunteers
  • printing PAVRO mailing labels and envelopes for hard-copy surveys to be returned to PAVRO
  • postage for hard-copies to be returned to PAVRO
  • all flyers, letters, postcards, etc. used to communicate the survey to your volunteers
  • any hard-copies entered by PAVRO are expensed to an additional cost of $3 CAD per survey