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Young Leader Award

The PAVRO Young Leader Award was created to recognize and encourage excellence in the up and coming generation of leaders within the Volunteer Engagement profession. It acknowledges a professional, aged 35 years and younger (age 35 within calendar year award is presented) who is working directly in the profession and has demonstrated leadership and excellence in Volunteer Engagement either within their organization and/or accomplishments within the professional body (by certifying, volunteering, contributing articles, research or submissions to projects such as the Marilyn Mackenzie Innovation Pilots, etc.).

The successful recipient will receive a $100 credit towards PAVRO activities or events (Conference, workshop or membership) and a personal letter will be sent to the recipient’s supervisor to inform them of the award.

Nominate someone you know for the Young Leaders Award.  Deadline is March 15th, 2018.

PDF version of the Young Leaders Award application

Congratulations to our 2017 winner

Samantha Chivers

Past Winners of the Young Leaders Award


Year Name of Winner 
 2014Veronica Deally
 2014 Rachel Murphy
 2015 Shane Joseph
 2016 Erin Schneider
 2017 Samantha Chivers