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Browse recordings of past webinars to catch up on valuable information you missed the first time around.

How to pivot your volunteer program during the “new normal” with Lori Gotlieb

How are volunteer programs going to shift gears from the traditional model to the new reality in a pro-active and creative way?

Volunteerism and managing volunteer programs are changing both dramatically and rapidly. Leaders of volunteers need to get ahead of the curve and learn to leverage opportunities while minimizing risks.

We will discuss how leaders need to look at best practices through the volunteer management cycle using a variety of lenses and strategically plan for the future while managing the present.  We will talk about the “new normal” and how we need to part of the decision team.

Recorded July 25, 2020

Covid-19: Impacts on Volunteer Engagement and Volunteerism- Global Research Findings with Erin Spink, MA

In this session, Erin Spink from spinktank and CARVE (Centre for Advanced Research in Volunteer Engagement) will share the findings from her investigation into how Covid-19 is changing not only the charitable landscape, but specifically impacting volunteers and how they connect with organizations, now and in the future.

You'll walk away with information about:

-changes to volunteering and leaders of volunteers
-trends in virtual/remote volunteering
-key challenges leaders of volunteers are facing
-volunteer communication preferences and what they want to know from you during Covid-19.

Being able to learn from the insights of leaders of volunteers from around the world is an opportunity not to be missed!

Recorded May 20th, 2020

Volunteer Engagement - New Frontiers?

with Erin Spink, MA and Faiza Venzant CVA, CVRM

The current crisis with COVID-19 has created challenges that many of us haven't faced to date both personally and professionally.  This is taking place in a time where access to technology is creating new opportunities and new challenges for the volunteer engagement profession.  Erin and Faiza will facilitate a conversation, be prepared to discuss:

  • What do we need to consider when engaging volunteers during this time?
  • What is digital engagement versus virtual volunteering?
  • What digital and non digital tools are you currently using?
  • What next? 
Recorded May 1st, 2020

Leading in a Time of Crisis
with Steve Armstrong

In this unprecedented and uncertain time, many leaders and managers are wondering what they can do to help the people in their charge.

To a certain extent, this will depend on the circumstances you face. As volunteer management professionals, we have been impacted by the effects of COVID-19 and we encourage everyone to attend a facilitated discussion with Steve Armstrong, Educator and Leadership Consultant.

Recorded April 2, 2020

A Little Story Goes a Long Way
with Nancy Angus

Volunteers have stories that can assist in the “R’s” of volunteer management: Recruitment, Retention, Recognition, and Respect. Learn to gather, listen, share and celebrate the stories of volunteers that will boost your recruitment efforts as well as the spirits of your volunteers. This low-tech, high-results workshop will help you build a cost-effective tool kit for action.

Recorded August 28, 2019

Volunteering and the Sustainable Development Goals

with Karine Diedrich

Looking at the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that Canada and others committed to achieving by 2030, we realize that there is not a single goal that does not involve volunteers. Volunteers contribute to eliminating poverty, advocating for human rights, protecting the planet, and creating thriving and resilient communities. Volunteer Canada has been exploring the link between volunteer activities of Canadians and the SDGs, supported by Employment and Social Development Canada. Find out more about our findings and how your organization could benefit from incorporating the SDGs into your recruitment and recognition strategies.

Recorded June 27, 2019

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