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See PAVRO’s Commitment to Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression  and Land Acknowledgement 


A world where the professional management and leadership of volunteers is respected, valued and recognized as essential to a civic society.


PAVRO (in its pursuit of excellence) builds individual, organizational and community capacity to effectively engage volunteers through the professional management of volunteer resources.



Ethical Principles


A civic society

A healthy society is based on an environment where human needs can be met and human values enhanced.

Our members will be supported in their commitment to quality citizen engagement.

Honesty, trust and integrity.

Successful organizations are based on honesty and trust. Integrity results when ethical values are consistently applied.

Interactions will be based on truthfulness, sincerity and ethics. Commitments will be kept. There will be transparency in organizational planning and decision-making.

Pursuit of Excellence

Volunteers remain committed and organizations remain strong when excellence in the administration of volunteer resources is attained.

Best practices in the management of volunteer resources will be pursued and shared. Organizational success will be planned and measured.


Voluntary organizations must be equipped with the professional skills, knowledge and abilities that result in the effective engagement of volunteers. Skilled Volunteer Managers require appropriate time and financial resources to be successful at meeting organizational objectives.

PAVRO will promote the profession of Volunteer Administration including an understanding of its value, its requirements for success, and appropriate recognition of the individual professional.


PAVR-O is committed to the professional development of its members through certification, conferences, regional workshops, advocacy and standards of practice and ethics.

Our goals are

  • To provide leadership for professional administrators of volunteer resources
  • To establish and promote the qualifications, standards and ethics of the profession
  • To provide professional development in the administration of volunteer resources
  • To represent the members and to advocate on behalf of the profession
  • To respect and reflect the diversity of the profession
  • To promote communication among the membership and beyond for the mutual benefit of the members
  • To coordinate efforts among organizations with similar objectives

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